Spotify Shuffle Not Working? How to Fix the Problem

It is not uncommon for music players to stop working for any number of reasons. One such reason is that the user has changed the device settings and the app doesn’t know where to find its data.

Another common reason is that the app has been unexpectedly shut down, corrupted, or deleted. In this case, it can be reinstalled from a backup or restored from a previous iTunes or iCloud backup.

The user can also reset their device settings to allow Spotify to find its data again or they can create a new Spotify account altogether if their old one has been corrupted.

Why Does My Spotify Shuffle Not Work?

Shuffling your Spotify playlist can be a great way to discover and explore new music and artists. Sometimes the shuffle function may not work for you for a variety of reasons, including Spotify not loading, Spotify shuffle not random, or having an error message.

The following are some of the most common reasons why you might be experiencing problems with your Shuffle function:

– Your phone is low on battery which might cause the shuffle to stop working.

– A WiFi or mobile connection problem can cause Shuffle to stop working.

– The app might not be running in the background and hence will not trigger Shuffle while you’re playing music already in your library.

– You may need permission from an artist or label before you can shuffle their music on Spotify.

– You may also need permission from a record

How to Fix Spotify Shuffle Not Working Issues on iPhone or iPad

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. It has millions of users who are subscribed to it, and it has about 30 million songs in its library. They have various features that are packed with the app that includes personalized recommendations based on listening preferences, social media integration, and even podcasts. With all these features embedded in Spotify, there is no wonder why it is so popular. But what happens when Spotify Shuffle not working?

With so many people using Spotify every day, you would be surprised how often this issue occurs. The most common reason for this error to occur is because of an update to the software or phone operating system. This makes sense because with each update there are always bugs that are resolved by updating again to fix any problems that may have occurred during

3 Ways to Fix Spotify Shuffle Not Playing Anything on iPhone or iPad

If you have a spotify account and have updated to the newest version, then you will find that spotify shuffle does not work on your iphones or ipads. This issue is called the “Monkey in the Middle” problem. The problem can be fixed by following these three methods.

1) Turn off wifi and connect to data network only.

2) Deactivate device from device management in iTunes.

3) Change to airplane mode for 10 seconds and then turn it off again.

What are some alternatives for Spotify?

Spotify is one of the top music streaming services in the world. It has a huge library of music and a lot of options for customization. However, there are some other great alternatives if you don’t want to use Spotify.

SoundCloud is a service that lets its users upload their own tracks and share them with others on the web. It also has an option for premium subscribers to listen to any song they want without any ads.

YouTube Red is YouTube’s answer to Spotify’s ad-free, offline listening experience. You can watch videos with no interruption or limitation on how much content you can watch or listen to, as long as you have access to the internet connection.


The conclusion of this blog discusses what could be the future of the music industry. There are numerous ways for people to enjoy music nowadays. Some people might be more inclined to choose buying albums and listening to them on vinyls rather than streaming songs on Spotify. With so many new music platforms, it becomes harder and harder to create a perfect playlist that will satisfy all your needs.

This content can help users find their niche in the music industry, based on their preferences and personal interests.